Rio Vaqueros, Inc. is a shooting club affiliated with the NRA, SASS and ICORE national shooting associations. We hold several shooting events per month. The First Sunday-Long Range Rifle Shoot. Start time 8am Second Saturday – Fun Shoot- pistol only Start time 9am Third Sunday-Cowboy Shoot (SASS) pistols, rifle and shotgun. Start time 9am. Shoot times are according to Daylight Savings Time. During Standard time-the shoots are moved one hour later. Monthly meetings are currently held at Cedar Cove RV Park club house the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm.

Dues are $20 a year with a $5 entry fee for the each match. Any qualified shooter (must not be a felon) may shoot. Youth (18 and under) shoot for free. We have several extra events during the year including Night Shoots, ICORE Shoots, Bowling Pin Shoots and Pocket Pistol Shoots. To get an email about current events, email or call President Carl McCleskey at 575-740-0570, SASS TG Jim Anton at 575-744-5411 or ICORE rep Bruce Cranmer at 575-740-6102. Scores and newsletters are posted periodically on the website at