Household Members

Elephant Butte Chamber of Commerce

By joining the Elephant Butte Chamber of Commerce you help strengthen the bond between the chamber and its community, build a strong voice for the chamber and enhance the value of your residency. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of membership. Quite simply, as a member supported organization the Chamber wouldn’t exist without our members. Period. Thank you to the following households.

Tom & Patricia Bauman
Bob & Colleen Elliott
Larry & Bette Fisher
Edward & Sanora Fitzgerald
Larry & Bette Fisher
Jerry & Liz Foster
Ron & Betty Gilworth
Dale & Toni Lindstedt
Norb & Karen Mogen

Charles & Betty McMath
Mike & Kay Ormand
Cheryl Davis & Keith Plunkett
Al & Jackie Prewitt
Rudy & Mable Reyes
Dr. Gary & Brigitte Sutherland
Ginger VanGundy
Leona Wagner
Ken & Sue Williams
Anita Zimmerman


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